Meet IBEPackage 

Our flagship dynamic packaging tool allows your end-customer to browse, select, and compile the perfect holiday. Benefit from our complete mix of travel products, provided by the Airtrade Hub, multiple hotel aggregators, Sunny Cars, Viator, and others.

Benefits for your online travel business 

  • Let your customer browse, select and package the perfect holidays 
  • Packaging possibilities: flight + hotel, flight + car, flight + car + hotel 
  • Full control of your business rules such as mark-ups, surcharges, discount and filters 
  • Support of opaque and IT-fares 


  • CSS style sheets; domain and iFrame possible 
  • Integrated payment gateway
  • Extensive online management information (MIS)
  • Combine our dynamic packaging technology with Travel Fulfilment


  • Responsive, intuitive user-friendly experience
  • Modern .NET architecture
  • Scalable solution from small to large volumes of transactions

An example of Airtrade's white label Dynamic Packaging end-to-end solution including travel fulfilment is implemented by KLM Royal Dutch Airline. 


Dynamic Packaging & Fulfilment for KLM

An example of Airtrade's whitelabel Dynamic Packaging end-to-end solution which includes travel fulfilment is implemented by KLM Royal Dutch Airline. Via Airtrade's technology customers are able to package hotels, transfers and are able to combine it with exclusive KLM flight content. KLM Package Deals customers contact Airtrade's customer service center for support.

View our flagship technology for KLM