Travel Fulfilment

If you consider outsourcing and managing your IATA ticketing process, Airtrade has the right solution for you!
Airtrade offers Travel Fulfilment Expert Support, IATA Negotiations and Technology Solutions. Integration is possible at various points in the process. We could even deliver company branded e-tickets and vouchers.
API integration, recap messaging, MIS support, queue automation are additional services which could be part of our offering.  A quick and professional response to any customer request is extremely important in today’s global travel business.
Your consumers may need a prompt response to questions, changes they require or cancellations they need to make.

 Expert Support

Our dedicated and highly experienced customer service agents handle all questions the same day. Our service centre offers extended opening hours during 7 days a week as well as 24/7 emergency support.

IATA Negotiations

As part of the global AERTICKET group we offer touroperator fares over 200+ city pairs, and offer very interesting GDS conditions.  We could also support your own GDS and airline negotiations that include airfare management.

Technology Solutions

Process & quality control software such as queue management, recap messaging, ticket automation and e-invoicing lead to more quality and efficiency. We also provide API integration.  


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