Haarlem, 27th of Augustus 2018

Travel technology supplier Airtrade certified for Lufthansa Group’s NDC API

The leading Dutch airline consolidator and travel technology supplier announced a successful connection to Lufthansa Group’s NDC API. The Lufthansa Group including Austrian Airlines, Lufthansa, SWISS and Brussels Airlines, is the first airline group that is fully NDC integrated into the Airtrade Hub. The Airtrade Hub is a technological layer that is able to aggregate content from different distribution channels including NDC, all GDS, low cost carriers and travel aggregators. 

The connection to Lufthansa Group’s enriched content gives Airtrade customers access to a variety of benefits and a competitive flight bid that can lead up to savings of €20 to €50 over bookings made in GDS. Lufthansa Group’s NDC Smart Offer has better conditions on selected fares, access to additional ancillaries with price benefits and exclusive product and sales promotions.

Airtrade successfully completed a series of functional tests and has integrated Lufthansa Group’s content via the Airtrade Hub into its agent booking tool FareFinder. The aggregating technology behind the Airtrade Hub enables Airtrade to easily adapt to a rapidly changing flight distribution landscape. The Airtrade Hub also fully supports the Airtrade Flight API and online travel retailing booking engines.

“The connection to Lufthansa Group’s NDC API gives Airtrade customers a greater pricing transparency and a tailored offer. To be able to ensure our customers of an optimal and competitive flight bid is a huge USP that sets our agent booking tool ahead of competition. Our ability to quickly adapt our technology to changes in the market strengthens our frontrunner position in the Benelux.” commented Jeroen Martron, Chief Executive Officer of Airtrade.

"We are pleased to have successfully completed the full implementation of our innovative NDC API with Airtrade, one of our major partners in the Netherlands. NDC is at the core of Lufthansa Group’s future distribution strategy and we are pleased that this solution will enable Airtrade customers to save on costs, as well as offer them advantageous rates and personalized products that would otherwise not be available", said Roberto Mamone, General Manager Sales, The Netherlands, Lufthansa Group."