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Airtrade is one of the leading companies in the Dutch travel industry, and one of the few companies that is able to offer customers travel fulfilment combined with travel technology. In the travel business since 1989, Airtrade originally started as airline consolidator and has successfully wholesaled tickets at competitive prices ever since. In search of operational and financial efficiency, we started developing our own travel technology. 

What we do best

This is where we believe our true strength lies, years of travel industry experience, expert support and proven travel technology that is tailored to the need of travel retailers. Our constant drive to deliver the best product has resulted in Airtrade being able to offer premium end-to-end travel retailing solutions.

Airtrade has a strategic partnership with AERTICKET AG, which gives Airtrade access to a greater network of more than 20 global partners. The BCD Group holds a minority share (15%) in Airtrade Holland b.v., the BCD Group is the global leading business travel organisation.

Facts & Figures 

Tickets sold 2016

  • 366.000 airline tickets
  • 90.000 travel insurances
  • 5.800 hotel bookings
  • 926 car bookings

Strategic Focus

In February 2017 Airtrade’s managing partners together with the BCD Group acquired a majority interest by means of a management buyout (replacing AERTiCKET as majority shareholder). The buyout is in line with Airtrade’s strategic focus on strengthening its position in European markets.


Over the past years, Airtrade Holland has reinforced its position through strategic alliances with organizations such as:

AERTiCKET AG, Amadeus, Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, Anixe, De Jong Intra, DRT Groep, Destination of The World, Expedia, JacTravel, KLM, Otravo, Riksja, Sabre, Tenzing, Travel Trend and Toerbusiness.

Meet Jeroen Martron Airtrade CEO

Jeroen has a background of more than 25 years in various companies in the travel business in Europe and the US. He studied at the International Institute of Travel and has a focus on marketing, sales and operations. Jeroen joined Airtrade in 2003 and was appointed as CEO in July 2014.

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Meet Frank Wester Airtrade CFO

Frank studied Economics at Amsterdam University and worked in various companies in financial positions. He has a focus on Finance and IT and graduated as Register Controller. Frank joined Airtrade in 2011 as CFO and is also responsible for IT.

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Airtrade is one of the leading companies in the Dutch travel industry. Our two main activities are wholesale and fulfillment of flight tickets and other related travel products, such as hotel and car rental and the design, development and distribution of travel technology.

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