Uniting Travel and Technology
Our unique ability to combine travel technology with travel fulfilment allows us to offer tailor made and flexible end-to-end travel retailing solutions.

Meet Airtrade hub

Our new platform the Airtrade Hub, integrates and optimizes flight content from multiple sources. The Hub and a restful API power our dynamic packaging platform as well as a suite of new and improved booking tools.

Hub, a new intelligent way of booking.

About us

We offer travel retailers a unique proposition, combining travel fulfilment services with technology. Founded in 1989 as IATA certified agent Airtrade became the leading consolidator for the Benelux market. In search of operational and financial efficiency, we started developing our own state of the art software

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Our customers

Our ability to offer tailored solutions for the travel industry since 1989 means we have a diverse customer portfolio. Read what our customers have to say about our solutions for airlines, travel retailers, online tour operators and many more.

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Air Fare optimization

We have a continuous focus on providing our customers with the best flight result. The cheapest fare isn't necessarily the best or most efficient option. Our technology and a dedicated 'flight content optimization' team make sure that the best fares for any type of retailer are available

Our booking engines