Designed for travel agencies

TravelPackager is specially designed with and for travel agents to book and manage bookings with multiple segments and options. It allows you to define and manage your own business rules and margins.

TravelPackager is a web based booking application that enables travel agents to search, book and manage the travel packages offered to your customers. It includes exclusive airline content and contains over 5.000.000 fares and access to all major airlines and low cost carriers. All bookings can be managed intuitively by an Agent Dashboard. It would be possible to define your own pricing rules, for instance with regard to the selected airlines.

What are the business benefits for your company? 

  • Access to real time airline rates from all major airlines, low cost carriers and foreign consolidators 
  • Over 5.000.000 airfares.
  • The system supports both simple bookings and complex bookings with multiple options and stopovers
  • With the dynamic packaging module you can create any combination of travel options
  • The agent dashboard allows you to manage bookings and business rules such as mark-ups
  • A recap of booking details can be integrated in your back office systems 


  • Efficient processing through super PNR (Person Name Recognition)
  • Multiple agents log functionality for multiple clients 
  • Flight segment search tool 
  • Extensive management information for IATA and non-IATA bookings
  • Full integration with online payment methods 
  • IBAN proof banking module 
  • E-learning facilities to make sure your agents are up-to-speed in no time 


  • TravelPackager is a fast web based application that can be used anywhere, anytime 
  • No investment required in hardware and software
  • Hosting in a state-of-the-art datacentre for high speed and availability
  • Integration with general ledger software Exact and MIS system AirCoDex


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