IBE Flight

Business to consumer solution tailored to your strategy and identity

The Airtrade Flight Web Services offer a comprehensive solution for Online Travel Agents and Airlines to build any type of travel website for consumers or integrate in other types of travel applications. It will have your companies’ own look and feel with full access to all options from the Airtrade Travel Technology Business Layer. 

The Flight Web Services can be used for flight bookings only or can be integrated with multiple products such as hotels, cars and miscellaneous products like parking and SMS services. A powerful business rule engine allows you to manage the offered content. The Flight Web Services supports all major GDS systems, low cost and charter flights (for the Dutch market). It includes a payment gateway (shopping card payment) as well as bookings made on invoice. The Flight Web Services can be supported by the Airtrade Travel Manager solution for mid and back office activities, as well as our call centre services for all consumer requests. 

What are the business benefits for your company?

  • Fully tailored to your strategy and corporate identity
  • Online booking for flights, cars, hotels and insurances
  • Full control of your business rules such as mark-ups, surcharges, discount and filters


  • Integrated payment gateway
  • Extensive online management information (MIS)
  • Multiple language support
  • Business-to-consumer and business-to-business support


  • Modern .NET architecture
  • Scalable solution from small to large OTA's


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